Uetliberg observation tower

The landmark of Zurich’s local mountain

The steel lattice tower on the Uetliberg lies about 870 meters above sea level and is 72 meters high. Geographically, this mountaintop tower belongs to the community of Stallikon. The highly visible tower is main landmark of Zurich’s local mountain and is one of the highest public observation towers in Switzerland.

A tourist magnet since 1894

The observation tower is open to the public for 2.- CHF all year long.

The current observation tower was built in 1990 as a steel truss structure and replaced its predecessor from 1894. The tower has an unusual design with its triangular base and has an open observation platform at 30 meters high, which allows for a panoramic view of Zurich and the surrounding area as well as the Alps. It also serves as a cell tower.

The previous tower was built in 1894, declared a National Monument in 1986 and then demolished. This “iron lookout tower” was also 30 feet tall and very popular with the people of Zurich. Thus, the NZZ wrote on July 20th 1894: “The fleet iron construction is not at all uncomfortable for the eye to look at. You can see a simplified form of the Eiffel Tower”.

enjoy the view


Enjoy the view over the city and the countryside.


  • Wohl einmalig und einzigartig ist die Aussicht vom Uetliberg

  • Atemberaubend schön

  • Blick vom Aussichtsturm

  • Aussichtsturm

  • Einmaliges Panorama

  • Sonnenuntergang am Uetliberg