A Dream-Team

UTO KULM and Giusep Fry

Together for 30 years: Uetilberg, the team of host Giusep Fry, and Zurich

It was 1983 when the then 24-year-old took over the management of the hotel. In 1999, with the future of UBS endangered by the merger of Union Bank of Switzerland with the Swiss bank Corporation, he decided to acquire the company. With creative entrepreneurial spirit he transformed the traditional mountain inn into a jewel of the Swiss hotel industry.

The UTO KULM on Zurich’s Uetliberg mountain has been known in the last 30 years for continuous change and innovation leadership. A team of over 100 people work to prepare a unique experience for all customers and guests.

Giusep Fry

Coming from the Grison Alps, Giusep Fry has been supervising Zurich’s local mountain since 1983 as managing director and has ​since made the Uetliberg a unique experience for all guests, tourists and business clients.

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History of UTO KULM

Since 1815, there has been an inn in Uetilberg. In1840 the spa was developed, which extends to the UTO KULM hotel and restaurant. Read more about the exciting history of Zurich’s local mountain and its buildings and railways.



UTO KULM and its partner companies Giardino Verde, Kreaktiv – Team building on the Uetliberg, and the Gmuetliberg restaurant offer more than 100 people exciting jobs in a unique environment.

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