History of Uetliberg and UTO KULM

Since 1815, there has been an inn in Uetilberg. In 1840 the spa was developed, which extends to the UTO KULM hotel and restaurant.

The Uetliberg is the local mountain of Zurich and a popular recreation area. As the north end of the Albis mountain range it stretches to a height of 869.2 meters above sea level where the UTO KULM hotel is found. Above the city of Zurich, Altstetten and Lake Zurich, the south side connects the Reppisch river valley with Ringlikon and Stallikon. Geographically, the peak of the Uetliberg is part of the Stallikon community.

Restaurants on the Uetliberg

In 1210, Uotelenburg was mentioned for the first time, named after Uotilo, the later Bavarian Duke Odilo, who gave Uetliberg its name. In 1267, the Uetliberg was supposedly destroyed by Zurich natives under Rudolf von Habsburg following the Regensburg feuds. In 1812, the Uetliberg watch tower was erected.

In 1815, the former watch tower became part of a restaurant and tavern on the Uetliberg. In 1838, Friedlich Bluntschli acquired the summit area and let the Zurich architect Johann Caspar Breitinger build the first spa. In 1840, Friedrich Beyel opened the Uetliberg inn and spa. In 1872, the Uetliberg rail society was founded and, a year later, the hotel owner Caspar Fürst bought the inn. The Uetliberg rail opened in 1875. The existing inn was expanded and a hotel was build to the north of it. In 1894, the observation tower was built.


In 1920, the Uetliberg railway was shut down. Two years later, the newly created Zurich-Uetliberg rail company took over control. In 1923, electrification was implemented in the railway line to Uetliberg. In 1927, the Uetliberg Hotel was taken over by the city of Zurich and the ETH University Forest was built. In 1935, the Niedermann brothers, both big butchers in Zurich, acquired the hotel. It was discontinued in 1943.

In 1953, the 75-meter-high television transmission tower was built, which first only did experimental broadcasts. In 1954 the Alt Uetliberg ski jump was built. In 1967 the railway company took over the Gmüetliberg restaurant. In 1968, a 132-meter-high transmission tower replaced the one from 1953. In 1968, the Eichbühl cemetery was completed, an important work of Swiss landscape architecture. In 1973, the hotel became the possession of Karl Steiner. The railway company of Zurich-Uetliberg and the Sihl valley rail company merged to form SZU. In 1983, the Union Bank of Switzerland bought the UTO KULM mountain inn.

In 1990, the lookout tower was replaced by a new construction. In 1999, the Grison Giusep Fry bought the hotel with a lookout tower.



The UTO KULM hotel and restaurant on the Uetliberg offers a wide range of options and possibilities.

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  • Wohl einmalig und einzigartig ist die Aussicht vom Uetliberg