Paragliding on the Uetliberg

Paragliding only a half hour from the city center. It’s possible to paraglide at the Uetliberg when there is a low to moderate breeze (no wind). Since the launch area is very small and surrounded by trees, a skillful backwards starting technique is recommended. After starting, an active gliding style is best.
The region around Uetliberg is a beautiful area for paragliding in front of Zurich’s gates and sometimes even behind them. The starting and landing area in Zurich-Leimbach is managed together with flight training schools and associations in coordination with property owners.

Flying over Zurich

The Uetliberg is an attractive area for beginning and advanced paragliders.

Up-slope winds are the best conditions for flying at the Uetliberg. The trip starts in Leimbach on the Albis ridge. Paragliding pilots have an agreement with the property owner – and the site has a cash box into which the pilots have to drop five francs as an entry fee. One of the two most important landing sites is below the starting slope in Leimbach. The second main site is the Allmend.

The UTO KULM Hotel also has a launching pad, but this is only suitable for experienced paragliders and hang-gliders. In principle, paragliders may land anywhere – as long as the property owner agrees. There are no restrictions by the city of Zurich, for example. However, flying is not permitted on the right side of the lake and Limmat, since this is virtually the airport area. Nor are paragliders allowed to land on the nearby Hausen am Albis airfield.

The website provides a detailed description of the Uetliberg with information about all of the tricky spots and risks. Read it for yourself!

Above the clouds

Altitude difference 170 meters

Cross-country gliding & soaring

GPS for mountain  680300.0 | 241890.0
E 8°30'3.05" N 47°19'22.76"

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